An "R-Stamp" is a certification allowing the repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-reatining items.

Any time a repair or alteration is made directly to the surface of a pressure vessel (like a nurse tank or bulkhead) it must be completed by an "R-Stamp" certified organization or company. Failure to do so may render your presure vessel unusable and make your company vulnerable to DOT fines and restrictions.

In order to obtain a National Board "R" certificate of authorization a company must
  • Have and maintain an inspection agreement with an authorized inspection agency (to ensure repairs have been completed exactly how they were to be completed).
  • Have a written quality system that complies with the requirements of the current edition of the NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) and includes the expected scope of activites.
  • Have the current edition of all 3 parts of the NBIC.
  • Have available a copy of the "code of construction" appropirate to the inteded scope of work.

Organization and facilities with an "R-Stamp" are subject to a review by The National Board. In order to complete an "R-Stamp" repair, the vessel must have a legible data plate. In order to be legible, you must be able to read the manufacturer, the serial number, the "U" stamp, the date of production, the total gallons the vessel can hold, and the maximum pressure of the vessel. If one of these is not readable, the data plate is considered illegible and therefore CAN NOT be repaired.

Once repaired and inspected, the vessel will be stamped with the name of "R-Stamp" holding company, along with their "R-Stamp" identification number, the date of completion, and the actual "R-Stamp" itself. The "R-Stamp" paperwork you receive from us needs to be retained in your records.

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